The Vision of the Covid Catalog

The Covid Catalog is an answer to how we memorialize tragic death in the United States. In the US the tendency is to recount death over and over, instead of celebrating life. The world is experiencing extreme trauma, especially in the US. Because of that we must seek to counter trauma with a return to life. Although with a now completed life, we must celebrate those who are gone, as having well-lived. At the Covid Catalog we acknowledge death, while celebrating the life. We call this type of Memorial a Celebration Memorial.

The Celebration Memorial is a permanent record of the unique way the victim of tragic death lived. This type of memorial does something we have not done in this country before. Combine the solemn recounting of death, with a celebration of the life. Making the victim more than a name, number, or recital, but a person, who loved, lived, had family and friends, and most of all cared about those around them. Gone will be the fleeting memorial on the news or social media feed, but a permanent celebration of the life. Something that can be added to, or changed, and grow and become a memorial of the person, by the people that knew and loved them.

This provides a place of healing, through caring, for those lost to tragic circumstances. A place where people want to come to remember a loved one, or are curious about the lives of the wonderful people we celebrate in memorial. Instead of always opening the wound of death. It will be a place of spirit – remembrance – and healing.

The Mission

The mission of the Covid Catalog is to collect the names and stories of all those who suffer from and have died of SARS CoV-2. To give those lives a voice, through celebration memorials. To eventually do this for all the victims of SARS CoV-2 and in the future for any past tragedy.

Not just to recount a death, but to celebrate life now complete – permanently and continuously.

To provide information on and resources for the ongoing fight of SARS CoV-2.

To provide first person accounts of having fought and struggled with the effects of SARS CoV-2 and who will be fighting long after the pandemic ends.