The Rates of Vaccinations are Troubling

The rate at which Black America is getting vaccinated is deeply troubling. For the size of the Black Population, the depth of insufficient healthcare, and a high-risk for infection population.  The Black Community remains the least vaccinated per person than any other population.

The disparities are obvious, but the reaction within the communities with dense Black populations, are bordering on intentionally skewed for the white populations. Taking into account that the white population is the largest in the country. The way to help our communities, is too vaccinate the Black people living there.

Black Community Is Essential Worker

The reason is simple, the Black community is our frontline essential job worker. People of color are out in the community, working two or three jobs, actively interacting with the other communities everyday. While we vaccinate the frontline healthcare worker, then the elderly. We also need a strong push to vaccinate all Black People.

Numbers Tell The Story

The simple fact is, as the numbers show, we are losing the battle with Covid-19 in the Black communities. They are dying at enormous rates, far greater than the white community who are being vaccinated at greater rates. The white community remains affected, but is not experiencing the severity of illness that the Black or LatinX communities are experiencing.

The rates of vaccination, if we continue on this path of exclusion, will kill more white people than expected for the vaccinations already in place. The rate of infection is declining according to the CDC as seen below –

The level of death for Black Americans is 15% of all cases that are hospitalized. The rate for LatinX/Hispanic Americans are 12.2%. For the number of people in those groups the rate is extremely high.

Here is the Vaccination rate by Race/Ethnicity

What The Numbers Mean For The Black Community

With a 15% death rate, against a 5.4% vaccination rate in a new case rate that exceeds 110K per day, the Black population is in a extremely risky position. The death rate is not going down, like the case rate. It is leveling off and will regain an upward trend in late February and early March. From all scientific quarters doctors and epidemiologists are warning of another surge like December 2020 – January 2021.

The rate of community spread, which is very high, the severity of illness, and what can only be termed as irresponsible masking and social distancing practices, are causing illness and death. Even if all people masked up, got vaccinated, and social distanced, the past two months will likely drive the death toll to 600,000 nation wide. But this is not a standard, and can be mitigated. Good preventative measures are showing decreases of up to 40% in some states. People are not dying as rapidly, as ICU patient referrals are declining.  Treatments are emerging, but the basic preventions remain the most effective. Masks, social distance, and no gatherings.