The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Richard Seaberry

The Covid Catalog remembers Richard Seaberry, 63, of New York

Richard Seaberry was a veteran emergency medical technician with the New York City Fire Department. He and his wife, Brynhild, were planning on retiring and shifting to Atlanta to be closer to their younger granddaughter. Richard served as an EMT for 30 years.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began in early March 2020, Richard became very ill, with a high fever and losing his sense of smell and taste. Although he was not diagnosed with the virus, his wife was certain that it was the virus that took his life. He died on a chair inside their home in Queens. He was 63.

Besides his wife, Richard is survived by two daughters: Nadine, 35, and Camille, 31. He was incredibly loving, dedicated, affectionate, and caring. He loved watching movies, according to his daughter, Nadine.