The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Oscar Leonel Rosa.
The Covid Catalog remembers Oscar Rosa, 25, of Bell Gardens.
Oscar Leonel Rosa died on June 26 at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood. The cause was COVID-19 complications. He was 25. Rosa started having a fever on June 11; three days later, he tested positive for coronavirus. His family kept him in isolation as his symptoms worsened.
Rosa was rushed to the hospital on June 15 when he started having breathing difficulties and body aches. He passed on 11 days later.
Oscar Rosa was a star debater and coach at school. He helped many students grow into the people they are. ‘Rosa put Cudahy’s Elizabeth Learning Center debate on the map,’ his sister Irma said.
Rosa was a quiet boy at home. He always found time to help other people. ‘Rosa was getting his major, his minor, helping dad with his job, and going back to school to coach the kids twice per week,’ Irma said. His mother said that he would always find time for those he loved.
Rosa is survived by his parents, siblings Irma, Eduardo and Noe, and nieces Amarey and Adalie, born just after his death.