The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Miguel Almarante Jr.

The Covid Catalog celebrates Miguel Almarante Jr., 32, of Bronx

Miguel Almarante died on April 13, at the age of 32, at Lincoln Hospital. The cause was COVID-19 complications.

Miguel moved to New York from the Dominican Republic with his sister at the age of 2. His three younger siblings were born in New York, and he grew up as the big brother of the family. He was a father figure and a super dad, as described by his daughter.

When Miguel bought a minivan, everyone counted on him to move the family around to dinners and birthdays in the park. He was spiritual, funny, and paid attention to details he believed “you have to be on point.”

Miguel had an interest in law enforcement. He started working as a security guard, and then later worked as a peace officer at night at Hunts Point Produce Market. He could take any extra working day. Just before he met his death, Miguel had accepted a job offer with Customs and Border Patrol.