The Covid Catalogue, Gone Too Soon, J. Hector Gonzalez

The Covid Catalogue remembers J. Hector Gonzalez, 58, of New York.

J. Hector Gonzalez was born in El Salvador in 1961. He became involved with the rebels in the civil war when he was a teenager. He taught people the importance of freedom fighting. Hector fled to Mexico when the war worsened, where he studied biochemistry; he gave that up and shifted to the US. He entered the United States illegally but was pardoned by the Reagan administration and finally became a citizen.

Hector was a dad, bookmaker, husband, an aspiring playwright, and a trained biochemist. He met his wife Janet in the singing class of a Puerto Rican traveling theater. They raised their kids together in New York City, and being a father was Hector’s priority.

In March, Hector and his wife and son, Brian, got sick with Coronavirus. Hector’s condition worsened and he was put on a ventilator. His life was cut short at the age of 58.