The Covid Catalogue, Gone Too Soon, Etta B. Alston

The Covid Catalogue celebrates Etta B. Alston, 87, of Brooklyn

Etta Alston died on April 4, 2020, at Brookdale Hospital due to COVID-19 complications. He was 87.

Etta shifted from Florence, S. C., to New York City in the 1940s, in the times of the Great Migration. She settled in Harlem where she helped on her church and community for 67 years, including 27 years of working as an immigration officer at the Immigration and Neutralization Service.

She attended college after having four children and later bought a house in Brooklyn where she really enjoyed the backyard, as said by her family.

Alston loved volunteering at local schools through a grandparent reading program. She received a citation for her contributions to society from the City of New York on her 82nd birthday. “It took her a while to get her lifelong dreams, but she did,” her daughter, Leslie Alston, said.