The Covid Catalog Gone Too Soon Erin Tokley

The Covid Catalog remembers Erin Tokley of Pennsylvania

Erin Tokley was a minister, mentor, and Philadelphia police officer. He preached at the Calvary Baptist Church and was active with the choir and youth ministry. He regarded his form of preaching as a practical approach because he wanted listeners to fully understand the concepts and how to apply them to their everyday lives. He was born to Ikelyn and James Tokley. He was a father of three and a loving husband. He had two children, Tamara and Xavier, with his first wife, Lorraine Oakman. And Amethyst, with his second wife, Octavia. He loved to cook and people raved about his barbeque and banana pudding. He was a good singer and wrote for his gospel music group “Royal Blood”. In addition to his wife, children, parents, and former wife, he is survived by a brother, a stepsister, and other relatives.

He had a disarming charm and was often praised for his professionalism in the police force. He wanted to help people through his church. He laughed and smiled constantly and worked enthusiastically with everyone he knew. Tokley was outgoing and helped so many people throughout his life.