The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Diego Agron

The Covid Catalog remembers Diego Agron, 60, of Brooklyn

Raised by a single mother, Diego Agron was born in 1959 in Puerto Rico. He was one of six siblings. Diego moved to New York City at 18, looking for new opportunities as her family lived in poor conditions. He began working immediately, picking strawberries, coffee, and beans in the neighboring farms.

He reunited with his two older siblings in New York. His mother and younger siblings joined him later. He met his wife, Elizabeth Cubero in 1994, and took care of her two children, Jeffrey and Anthony. The couple enjoyed spending time together, watching movies, and traveling together.

Agron later worked as a butcher. He loved his work and was proud it enabled him to care for his family.

He contracted coronavirus in April 2020 and was rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness. He died later that day, on April 19, 2020, at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn. He was 60.