The Covid Catalog Gone Too Soon Bliss Michelson

The Covid Catalog remembers Bliss Michelson of Pennsylvania

Bliss Michelson was a popular classical-music radio host and an accomplished double bass player. He had conversational explanations of the pieces he aired. He was on air at WRTI every Monday and filled in frequently for hosts. He spent 13 years in the double bass section of the San Antonio Symphony and performed with the uffalo Philharmonic, New Jersey Capital Philharmonic, Staten Island Philharmonic, and Newtown Chamber Orchestra. He was also a radio host and interviewer.

Bliss Michelson married singer Lydia Moore. They divorced and then he married Peggy Wiltrout. Mr. Michelson is survived by a niece, nephew, and other relatives. He liked to tend to sheep and other animals. He watched videos of historic trains, doted on his cat Janet, and liked Texas grapefruit and Tate’s cookies.

Bliss passed on on 13th March 2021 due to Covid Complications. Bliss Michelson was sweet and kind. The listeners wrote hundreds of tributes, one saying he was like a “friend greeting us through the radio”.