The Covid Catalog Gone Too Soon Bishop Jessie McClay

The Covid Catalog Remembers Bishop Jessie McClay of Pennsylvania

Bishop Jessie McClay joined the Army and later started his dry cleaning business. He closed it converted it to a church after receiving a message from God. So, he started the New Hope of Deliverance Church. Bishop McClay was the third of four children of Frozella Johnson-McClay and Jessie McClay. During a revival meeting, he met Laurine Hudson, a young woman visiting from another church, and later married her. The McClay’s had six children in their home. They were known for opening their doors to anyone who needed a place to stay. Eventually, they adopted another son, Warren.

McClay died on 1st April 2021. In addition to his sons Andrew, Paul, and Warren, Bishop McClay is survived by sons Ivan and Jessie; daughters Doreen McClay and Laurie Johnson; 17 grandchildren; and many other relatives and friends.

“He taught us to live right, to treat your neighbours right. And he taught us how to love one another. How to live a holy, separated life from the world,” Paul McClay said. He was caring and could tell if someone was struggling.