The Covid Catalogue celebrates the life of Ron Wright, Congressmember (TX-06)

The Covid Catalog remembers Ron Wright (TX-06) died at 69 on 7th February after battling COVID-19. He was re-elected as to the House of Representatives, November 2020. Wright had been battling cancer. He was the first Congressmember to die of COVID-19 complications.

According to a statement released by Wright’s office, he will be remembered as a constitutional conservative. He was a statesman, not an ideologue. Ron kept a good work schedule before contracting the virus.

Ron and his wife Susan were admitted to Baylor hospital in Dallas due to COVID-19 complications two weeks before his death. He had been in quarantine since 15th January. This quarantine began two days after the House voted to impeach Trump.

Wright is survived by his lovely wife, Susan: his daughter Rachel: his sons Derek and Justin: his brother Gary: and nine grandchildren.

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