If you tested positive, or people around you are testing positive, you need this background.

Background – I have been pursuing this writer for about 5 months. In that time she has experienced two extreme setbacks, where she could not function enough to answer my messages. She is not alone, and just because the medical community doesn’t know how to address this rapidly expanding crisis, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Roxy is not alone, 30% of hospitalized patients, return to the hospital within 5 months. The Cov2 After Effects are hitting asymptomatic positive patients, perfectly fine after recovery patients, and those who developed symptoms. At the end are articles on how we are drawing out the pandemic, how people are acting like it’s the flu, and you just recover. That is not the case. 

#LongHauler, an account of Post Infection Illness by a professional writer

The MojoRoxy Account

This is how I received her messages, as best as she could.

I will write it all out today and tomorrow. I had a bad relapse. I fell from exhaustion and vertigo this week and it was a bad fall. As a starting point, my ongoing symptoms for the past year are crippling fatigue , fever day for 52 weeks as of March 16, I had pneumonia, now I have lung problems and what seems to be fibrous tissue in my lungs. Blood clot in lung. Myalgia all over joint pain , heart attack, TIA stroke, I’m on oxygen 24/7, constant diarrhea and periodic extreme vomiting, I developed gluten and dairy intolerance- never had it before- extreme vertigo, hearing loss, loss of taste and smell, phantom smells, massive headaches, shortness of breath, massive deconditioning, messed up sleep patterns. It’s been an absolute nightmare. Oh- my periods are allllll weird. I have kidney damage and my brain is not the same. I hold a masters of science in educational psychology with a focus in neuropsychology and I can barely read and comprehend tweets. I don’t sleep well at all. It’s a completely non schedule when it comes to sleep. I have nosebleeds, rashes, my blood vessels leak and now I have extreme blood pressure swings.  From 220/180 to 87/54. I have developed Brady/tachy syndrome and my cardiologist is considering a pacemaker.

For reference- I just turned 45 recently. This is an account by a professional writer. I was healthy. No heart or lung issues. I had been in a car accident in 2018 and I had some herniated discs and issues from the accident but I was otherwise healthy. No pre existing issues. I was at a very fit and healthy weight. I walked every day or swam if I couldn’t walk due to my back.

I have four kids. My older two already lost their dad to military PTSD. And my third baby has Down syndrome and had open heart surgery at 11 weeks of age. He’s high risk.

My oldest child had asthma and is also high risk. My doc told me that if I catch anything it would pretty well wipe me out

I can’t drive. Bc the vertigo is so awful o don’t feel safe. Also I just don’t have the strength.

Mar 14, 2021, 1:51 PM

It’s hell. It’s been the hardest thing I have ever gone through. And I survived being an army spouse in 9/11 overseas, domestic abuse, and becoming a widow at 38. I’m not a weak person. But this hell virus has made me dependent and unable to even wash my own hair.

It’s a lot. There’s more. But that’s a start. Thank you so much

I meant fever every day in my first part. I had a typo


Notes and Links

I am adding several notes here – I started to hear about the After Effects of Covid in July 2020 from doctors on the #Coronavirus list, please visit them, you already know many of them, they are the experts for the experts. Hospitals were at the time baffled by the enormous clots being discovered in hearts of patients dying of SARS CoV2. Many of those patients were complaining of bubbling of the skin, liver problems, and many found it hard to remember things and couldn’t concentrate. The medical community doesn’t know what these affects are right now, so can’t make a major report on them. The presentation of these illnesses are being gathered in a catch all #LongCovid. The way to defeat this is to mask up, because these illnesses are showing up in asymptomatic patients who tested positive. This is not the flu or a cold, it doesn’t just go away, and its lasting months longer than reported in the media, because doctors can’t nail down what exactly is happening. The best advice is, stay distanced, wear masks, and don’t go to gatherings, just yet.

Further Reading

Long Covid Research NIH

Remember don’t just go to the CDC, the NIH runs much of what is being presented as needing further study. The CDC and WHO listen very closely to the NIH and NCIB.

Our reporting from July 2020 Recovery is not the end of Covid


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