Doctors, Nick Sawyer, Eve Bloomgarden, Max Cooper, Taylor Nichols, and Chris Hickie, have joined together to directly fight doctors who are spreading disinformation about SARS CoV2 and Vaccines.

Misinformation is passing along some information that is wrong, but the inaccuracy is unknown to the teller. Disinformation is intentionally spreading wrong information when the person relaying the information is aware it is inaccurate.

In the op-ed for the Washington Post, the doctors outline the small group deliberately misinforming the core groups of vaccine deniers. The truth that vaccines are completely safe and effective is being twisted in white papers and other supposed official-looking documents, that call for people to fight against getting vaccinated. This leads to patients who contract the SARS CoV2 virus unnecessarily. This breaks the doctor’s most basic responsibility to not harm patients.

America’s Frontline Doctors a group of unethical physicians, working directly for political interests, have been spreading disinformation, first about hydroxychloroquine then about vaccine risks, as well as political pandering. The op-ed lays out the fact that the lead doctor from America’s Frontline Doctors was even arrested for participating in January 6 riot at the US Capital, and is still licensed in California. Story in WP

Dr. Sawyer and his colleagues are calling on state medical licensing boards and the federation of state medical licensing boards to investigate and take decisive action against the unethical practices of the physicians in America’s Frontline Doctors.

Because the federation of state boards had sent a strongly worded letter to America’s Frontline Doctors. To in fact stop publishing disinformation. A letter that had little effect. The doctors decided to create a website where Doctors, medical staff, nurses, and the general public can go and lend their voice and support.

The website is It is actively seeking people in favor of calling for The Federation of State Medical Boards, to seek state medical board interventions with suspension or revocation of medical licenses for spreading disinformation.

Of the website and the initiative, Dr. Max Cooper noted physician on the Washington Post Op-Ed went on to say

“The website is just a mechanism for making public reporting options easier. There’s nothing proprietary about it. It’s all our license information gathered into an easy-to-use format. Active clinical docs like myself feel betrayed by those trying to “make a buck” by disinformation that actively harms our patients and communities. It’s a violation of our oath as physicians and shouldn’t be tolerated.”

Dr. Sawyer said the call for actual action is long overdue, saying – “I would encourage all physicians to file an official complaint with their State Medical Board against physicians spreading COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccine disinformation. The most common examples are physicians who state publicly that ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine are effective “cures” for COVID-19, that masks don’t work to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and untrue statements about the safety and effectiveness COVID-19 vaccines that oppose the majority medical consensus. I would also encourage them to call their State Medical Board and ask them what they are doing to hold physicians spreading COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccine disinformation accountable. Contact information for all State Medical Boards can be found here:…. It’s important to remember the difference between misinformation and disinformation. Misinformation is something that a person incorrectly but innocently believes to be true. Disinformation is information created and shared with the intent to deceive.”

Here are some links to help with the effort.

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Link to NoLicenseForDisinformation to help with the effort

Link to Medical Board Information By State

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