James T Goodrich

Dr. Goodrich is known as the pioneer who actively allowed CNN cameras to have a live casting of a particular operation that involved separating two conjoined twins Anias McDonald and Jadon.


James died on March 30 due to advanced complications caused by the COVID-19 as per a report from the hospital; he served as a surgeon.


A statement was released by the Albert Einstein College of medicine that referred to Dr. James as a pioneer who helped children with complex neurological conditions wholeheartedly. The hospital also recognized James as a man who was humble and caring, and he never craved any limelight.


Some nurses said that he even baked some cakes during holidays and hand-delivered the ready cakes to them.


Dr. Sanjay has written a tribute to Dr. James, which referred to Goodrich as a preeminent pediatric brain surgeon who had even dropped out of his medical school at some point to become a ‘’surfer dude’’.