The Covid Catalogue celebrates Ms. Patty Sakal,

The Covid Catalogue remembers Patty Sakal, a renowned American sign language interpreter. She died of covid at 62 years on 15th January. She was a well known figure, who translated updates about the coronavirus pandemic for deaf Hawaiians. Patty Sakal lived in Honolulu. She died at Alvarado Hospital Medical Center in San Diego.  Patty was visiting one of her daughters a month ago, when she contracted Covid-19.

Patty Sakal was born on February 24.1958, in Honolulu to Hershel Mouton and Georgia Morikawa, who were both deaf. Ms.Sakal worked as an interpreter for almost four decades.  Patty was a mainstay in coronavirus briefings in Hawaii.

She was dedicated to being a mentor to novice interpreters. She worked as a mentor in a national initiative meant to increase the number of interpreters in Hawaii before her death. She was generous and welcoming to new interpreters.

According to her sister Ms. Riff, she is survived by three daughters, a brother, and two grandchildren.