J.J. Boatman, a nine-year-old boy from Texas, died of COVID-19 complications 24 hours after testing positive for the deadly virus. Boatman was rushed to the emergency room at Cook Children’s Medical Center on 25th January after telling his mother he was having breathing difficulty.
The doctors discovered Boatman’s lungs filled with fluid and his brain swollen due to lack of oxygen. He died the following morning. No one knew Boatman had contracted COVID-19 as he had not shown any symptoms of the virus.
Boatman’s uncle, Gabriel Ayala, told a local TV station KTVT that the boy was playing earlier that day, and by night time, he was crying to his mom that he couldn’t breathe. His mother went over, and his face and lips were already blue.
J.J.’s father, Jason Boatman, said his son was healthy and active, although he had asthma as well as autism and ADHD. ‘Everything’s just literally changed when your only baby boy is never coming back.’ Jason said.