The Covid Catalogue celebrates Ms. Hele Etuk

The Covid Catalogue remembers Ms. Helen Etuk. Helen died of Covid-19 complications on 12th January at a hospital in Arlington, Texas. That is where her family lives. She was 20. Her mother, Ellen Clinton, said her daughter had lupus which is a chronic immune system disease. Helen had been experiencing joint pains. She caught the deadly virus while attending classes at the University of Texas. Where she was studying to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor.

Hellen, a senior in college, and planned on becoming a pediatrician. She loved children and was determined to dedicate herself to giving them healthy lives. Being raised by a single mother Helen hoped that once she became a doctor so she could take care of children. Even when their parents couldn’t afford to pay.

Hellen Otobong Etuk was born on 22nd February 2000 in Dallas. Her mother is a health care consultant. Her father, Bassey Etuk, an Army veteran, did not participate in raising her.
Ms. Etuk is survived by her mother, three older brothers, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Joseph Ayisire, and older sister, Linda Ayisire.


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