The Covid Catalogue Gone Too Soon Dick and Shirley Meek

The Covid Catalogue remembers, Dick Meek, 89 years old, and his wife Shirley Meek, 87 years old, died from the deadly coronavirus while holding hands. The couple died in hospital just three weeks after their 70th wedding celebration, according to many news outlets.

Both started feeling sick in late December, shortly after ringing in their anniversary. It was initially believed they had a cough but later tested positive for COVID-19. In January and were both admitted to the hospital that day.

The Covid Catalogue found out that the family requested the hospital staff have the couple in the same room for final goodbyes when their condition deteriorated. Shirley passed first. Dick died minutes after the nurse put his wife’s head on his shoulder.

Dick was a former U.S. Air Force sergeant. While Shirley was a Burger Chef retiree who shared her love for humanity by donating to charities every month.