Covid Catalog Gone To Soon, Tommy Pilling

The Covid Catalog remembers, Tommy pilling, 62, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Tommy died on New Year’s day, after testing positive for coronavirus on 17th of December. Pilling had dementia and had been shielding his wife from the diagnosis for about 10 months. He had been treated with a chest infection in three different hospitals since early December.

He and his wife Maryanne had been married for 25 years. They were among the UK’s first married couples with down’s syndrome. His wife was devastated after his death.

His wife’s sister Lindi Newman, 33, described him as ‘one of a kind.’ She said Tommy and his wife had never been apart for a long time since her mother adopted him unofficially and made him one of their family.

Maryanne’s mother, Linda, said that Tommy left a big hole in their lives that nobody will ever fill. ‘I considered him as my own son and I have never regretted even a single moment of the time he was in my care,’ She said. She thanked the NHS staff, who nursed him.