The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Scott Douglas Woodard.
The Covid Catalog celebrates Scott Douglass Woodard, 67, of Oakland.
Scott Douglass Woodard died on April 18, 2020, of complications of COVID-19. He passed on three days after testing positive for the virus. Douglass developed health issues in October 2019, which landed him in Orinda Care Centre. ‘It was very hard the last couple of months for him,’ Jessica said.
He was born on June 8, 1952, to Clarence and Patricia Woodard. Being the third of four children, Scott was born prematurely with serious complications. He was a caring and loving person and had a credible memory.
In early April, 11 staff members and more than half the Orinda Care Center residents tested positive for coronavirus. Although he did not show any symptoms for two weeks, Woodard tested positive, and his family hoped that he’d recover.
Scott Woodard was not a talkative man, but his voice and actions spoke a lot about what was important to him. He was proud of the janitorial job he held for more than two decades and the life skills he learned from Clausen House. Scott loved family events.