Ruben Burks

Ruben Burks was known to be a champion of the worker in the labor movement. Burks worked at the General Motors Factory in Michigan. He later joined a local union where he worked his way up to the UAW’s second-highest rank as per the union’s records. Ruben spent more than 60 years championing the work done by women and supporting the people of color in the labor movement.

Ruben Burks Speaking Before a Crowd of UAW Workers

Ruben is known for his constant thumbs-up; he kept encouraging his large family on the need and importance of facing difficult situations with a positive approach and also enthusiasm. Currently, his family has adopted the same attitude in their day to day activities.

Burks, who was the first African-American of the United Auto Workers, died of complications from the coronavirus on April 6, as was confirmed by his grandson on CNN.

Governor Whitmer Speaks at the Burks Scholarship Gala

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