The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Richard Holmes.

The Covid Catalog Celebrates Richard Holmes of Kansas.

Richard Holmes Survived by his niece, Tricia Holmes died February 18th, 2021 after contracting Pneumonia related to a Covid-19 infection. Holmes was a retired computer programmer for Boeing and a local restaurant celebrity and writer.

Holmes loved to write about the people he met at the local “Doo-Dah Diner• where he was an almost daily customer. He befriended all of the wait staff and regular customers and became something of a local legend writing about his experiences he enjoyed with other people. He was even said to be allowed to stash his own condiments behind the counter attesting to his well likeness. He was also known for riding a giant tricycle around town, bringing smiles and joy to passersby. When Covid-19 restrictions were imposed he would ride by the windows several times a week to knock on the glass and say hello to his friends. In October Holmes fell and hurt his shoulder and was admitted to a rehabilitation home where he contracted Covid-19. His health steadily declined afterward, contracting fatal pneumonia.