Covid Catalog Gone To Soon, Pamela Caddell

The Covid Catalog remembers Pamela Caddell. She died of COVID-19 on November 27 at 71 years old. She stayed in the hospital for almost one month, including weeks on a ventilator. Four days after Pamela tested positive, she told her husband Richard that it was time to go. ‘Call the ambulance, I’m ready to go,’ Pam said.

Pamela and her husband would have been married for 53 years in March, but now it’s just Richard, 75, and Harry, their 14-year-old pug. Richard said that he has never lived alone before in his whole life, and it will not be easy adjusting.

Pamela was a retired nurse, and her husband describes her as selfless. Her most excellent satisfaction was helping people. She took care of her sister Debbie who had lung cancer. Somehow Debbie contracted the coronavirus and died, and Pamela got sick too.  Her last wish was that everyone takes the horrible disease seriously