The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Otoniel Azanon Alvarado.
The Covid Catalog remembers Otoniel Azanon Alvarado, 48, of Santa Rosa, California.
Azanon Alvarado collapsed on July 22 while working. He had been having a cough and shortness of breath. Later that afternoon, his son Josue, who lived with him, took him to the hospital. Azanon died on August 31 at Memorial hospital after a six-week battle with COVID-19. He was 48.
He was born in 1971 and was raised in Retalhuleu, Guatemala. Azanon and his 11 siblings worked on the family farm growing tomatoes, watermelons and corn. He later pursued a degree in electrical engineering.
Alvarado migrated to the U. S. in the mid-1990s and settled in the Northern Carolina city of Petaluma without legal paperwork. He found work fixing refrigerators and washing machines before finding his calling as a craftsman of decks.
Azanon Alvarado will be remembered for his dedication to his job. His favorite dishes were Caldo de res and tamales. He loved his 1992 Toyota Corolla, which everyone knew.
He is survived by his children Noemi Azanon, Josue Azanon, Alexander Azanon and Raymundo Ayala and a granddaughter, Aryana Delgado.