The Covid Catalog was conceived at the height of the suffering, death and emergence of extended post covid-19 symptomology. We were inspired by the sheer power of human society when faced with unknown disease, suffering and death.

it became clear that the task of never forgetting those who were victims of SARS CoV2, and were forced to complete this life alone would fall on the loved ones.

We found as we undertook the task of offering memorials and a catalog of names to honor the victims that the loved ones we spoke to wanted to celebrate the life of the victim. That death was not the end of the life, just a completion of the physical journey.

Now began the journey of celebration. A celebration in memoriam. We have taken up this ce lebration, with the celebration memorial.


The Covid Catalog will collect as many of the names of the victims of SARS CoV2. Provide a place of permanent repository for those names in order to allow loved ones the ability to update and memorialize their departed loved one.

We will also provide ongoing updates reports and guidance for the disease SARS CoV2.


in a continuing effort to catalog all the people who have died of Covid-19 we will hope to create a place where hospitals, organizations and individuals can provide a clear accounting of statistics pertaining to the coronavirus.