The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Marylou Armer.
The Covid Catalog remembers Marylou Armer, 43, of American Canyon.
Marylou Armer died on March 31, 2020, from Covid -19. He was 43. Armer was hospitalized on March 23 and was denied testing for the virus three times. Her sister Lau said she had no underlying health conditions.
Armer was a detective with the Santa Rosa Police Department. Her law enforcement started in high school when she joined the Explorer Program with the National City Police Department. She joined Santa Rosa Police Department in 1999 as a field evidence technician and became an officer in 2008.
Armer grew up in National City and San Diego. She did everything with her sister and their brother. ‘That’s how our parents brought us up,’ said her sister. Armer moved to Sonoma City and later shifted to American Canyon, where she lived with her husband of five years and her stepdaughter.
‘She was fun, outgoing, and compassionate. She always put others before her in everything she did,’ Lau said.