The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Margaret Zwingman

The Covid Catalog remembers Margaret Zwingman, 98, of California

Diligent, honor, respect, decency, reliability, duty, and intelligence; are qualities that Margaret Zwingman had. In addition, she practiced high self-esteem throughout her life.

Margaret was born in Neb on August 8th, 1922; she later became a devoted teacher in Nebraska. She steered grade one through grade eight, where they finished in 1944. She later moved to Grand Island, where she worked in an ammunition plant for a year before his husband Clarence Zwingman returned home from the Navy. In 1957, Margaret and his husband relocated to California as their matrimonial home.

She was a fan of San Francisco Giants baseball and an active member of the Madonna Del Sasso Catholic Church.

Margaret Zwingman has left behind six children, fourteen grandchildren, fourteen great-grandchildren, and a loving husband. She died at the age of 98 from Covid-19 complications.