The Covid Catalog, Gone Too soon, Lola Larson

The Covid Catalog celebrates Lola Larson, 95, of Los Angeles

Larson, 95, died on 21st December 2020 from a health ailment exacerbated by Covid-19.

Larson was born on 4th July, same as her older sister Barbara. She was niece to early film and television giant Hal Roach. Larson was married to Eric Larson, whom they first met while she had visited Catalina Island. However, Eric died in 2005, ending a 62-year marriage union.

Lola was active in scouts, PTA, YMCA, Galloping Gourmets, and the San Dieguito Heritage Museum and collected ribbons for cooking and decoration at the San Diego County fair. Besides, she liked waterskiing and camping. In retirement, Larson and her husband traveled to over 60 countries. Larson was jovial and valued friendship.

Larson is survived by three sons and daughter, six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.