Lisa Burhannan

Covid Catalog Lisa was known to be a lady who had dedicated her life to the service and mentoring of young women. She was dedicated to helping the recently incarcerated transition back to life on the outside. She also supported the victims of violence and other social injustices.

Lisa was acknowledged by Dolphin House as a first responder to victims and incidences of violence in her neighborhood and acted as a source of comfort to the affected families. Lisa was known to wholeheartedly gave her heart and services to crime victims.

Lisa was known to have served at the Harrisburg office of Dolphin House, as a coordinator for the crime survivor’s justice and safety. This organization was dedicated to helping victims of violence and social injustices throughout their healing and recovery process.

Even from her hospital bed, Lisa would hold zoom meetings all in the service of the most vulnerable members from her Harrisburg community. Lisa Burhannan died of COVID-19 complications on June 11 at the age of 50 years.

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