The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Larry Edgeworth.
The Covid Catalog remembers Larry Edgeworth, 61, of New York.
Larry Edgeworth, a Sound Technician for NBC News, died in March 2020 from complications related to Covid-19. He was 61.
Larry was born in 1958 in Sardis, Mississippi. He grew up on Long Island in Westbury, New York and earned a bachelor’s degree in film from the New York Institute of Technology.
Larry was always the first to volunteer for ant task during his 25 years as a sound technician. His colleagues wanted him by their side- he covered hurricanes, mudslides, civil unrest, wars, the Olympics and others.
Larry always made his friends laugh; he would ask people about their families. He taught his family to hate losing more than they loved winning. He shared his pride in his two sons; Alex and Miles.