The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Jacob Clynick

The Covid Catalog Celebrates Jacob Clynick, 13, of Zilwaukee

Jacob Clynick died on June 16, 2021, just three days after receiving a second COVID-19 vaccine. The boy is said to have died in his sleep.

Jacob lived in Zilwaukee and had just finished eighth grade when he got his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on June 13 at a Walgreens store, according to his aunt, Tammy Burages. The boy was healthy and had no existing medical problems. His aunt said Jacob complained of common post-vaccine symptoms such as fatigue and fever.

Jacob experienced a stomachache on the night of June 15, but it was not serious, Burages said. The boy went to sleep that night but never woke up. The family is hoping to get answers about Jacob’s death.

He will be remembered as a kind boy who stood up to bullies and enjoyed camping with his dad.