Covid Catalog Gone To Soon, Nurse Iris Meda RN

The Covid Catalog remembers, Iris Meda, the 70-year-old, was a high school dropout who earned a GED diploma. She then went on to earn her degree to become a registered nurse. Meda retired from North Texas in January 2020, where she was an administrator in the clinic. She came out of retirement to teach future workers about the Covid-19 health crisis, only to die of the virus herself.

Meda’s daughter said she contracted COVID-19 in October and was hospitalized on the 17th of the same month after being sent home. Her condition became worse, and she was put on a ventilator. She later passed on.

Iris taught nursing students at Collin College as well as high school students and earned dual credit. “she would say how she could pick out the ones who were struggling and she would look after them because she had received so much encouragement in her life,” said Mede-Schlamel.

Her daughter, Selene Meda-Schlamel, described her as a mother full of life and generosity. She was living life to the fullest. Trying to prepare nurses for this country, despite the risks.