The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Harold Budd

The Covid Catalog remembers Harold Budd, of Los Angeles

Budd, a minimalist composer, musician, and abstract painter was born in 1936 in Central Los Angeles. Budd was then raised in Victorville. He served in the Army alongside Albert Ayler, who was a saxophone skronker. Budd and Ayler shared an affinity for post-bop experimentation. Budd’s first instrument was a drum kit. For a while, he made a living from playing the drum kit in Los Angeles nightclubs.

“The oak of the golden dreams” was Budd’s first music piece, and it was released in 1970. After that, Budd owed his music career to Eno. Even though Budd retired from music in 2004, a few years later, he returned with “Perhaps” and continued to compose music for the rest of his life.

On December 8th, 2020, his manager confirmed his death caused by Covid-19 complications.