Gianmarco Bertolotti

Gianmarco Bertolotti was a 42-year-old man is remembered in by his family in the Covid Catalog. He worked at the Lenox Hill hospital as a mason in the healthcare department. Gianmarco was a union member and considered an essential worker. Gianmarco was known to be a person who deeply loved smiling and had no enemies. He greatly loved New Orleans, liked how his father cooked, and also loved his self-renovated apartment that was located in Astoria

Bertolotti was also known to be a good listener and a very adventurous man. He was a very talented man and created breathtaking art. He was known to be a great reader and learning really excited him.

Gianmarco Bertolotti was admitted to Mount Sinai hospital after he visited the urgent care unit with complaints of difficulty in breathing. At the unit, he was diagnosed with a double lung infection and after a week Gianmarco passed away at the age of 42 as a result of COVID-19. He is remember in the Covid Catalog, based on the information in tribute to his life at Dignity Memorial Funeral Home. 

Tributes from Dignity Memorial Funeral Home for Gianmarco