Remembering People With COVID

If you know someone, or want to add someone please feel free to add someone (we are adding a fuller form soon, for now, to add more than 250 words and a video or photo, please email [email protected]). The form is simple, in the longer message space provided, please include state and city any details something they loved and were devoted to, anything at all.

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There are some social media connections and outlets that are gathering the names of those who have died, and remembering them. I know of only one website devoted to cataloging the victims. The Covid Catalog will remember the dead of coronavirus as humans. They had lives that we will recount with as much information as we can gather, and as best as we can.

Please be safe and healthy. And always wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay at least six feet from others. Don’t attend any large gatherings where masks are optional. Don’t go to parties, or birthdays, sweet sixteens or a large Thanksgiving dinner. Every large gathering where masks were not worn have resulted in hundreds of thousands of positive cases of COVID-19 and small parties with no masks cause most of the attendees to become sick. 1 out of every 100 people will die, 20 out of every 100 will have a disabling illness long after the primary virus is resolved.

110,000 new cases per day, 3,000,000 new cases by December 10. Those numbers can be reduced by 75% by wearing a mask. That is a big reduction.

Conscious Mitigation

Petition for Covid Mandate, no president should ever do this again