The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Erica McAdoo

The Covid Catalog celebrates Erica McAdoo, 39, of Los Angeles

Serving the community, smart, and a food lover are the pure definition of Erica McAdoo. McAdoo was passionate about making her community or workplace a better place. She was humane.

Born in 1981 in Okhalama to Donna Royston, Erica had an elder sister, Daniella. However, at 39 years, McAdoo fell ill and was admitted to the intensive care unit, where she spent 98 days and succumbed to Covid-19 complications on July 3rd. Erica was survived by her elder sister, mother, uncles, and extended family.

Initially, Erica served at the Coast Guard before returning to the land and served at the Los Angeles Police Department. Erica was passionate about serving the community, cooking, and traveling. Erica loved cooking Okhalama style barbeque. Besides, she would make food bags for the homeless. McAdoo’s favorite destination was Cancun.