The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon Elena Malagodi.
The Covid Catalog celebrates Elena Malagodi, 84, of Senegal.
Elena Malagodi died of Covid-19 on March 17 in the coastal city of Mbour, Senegal. She was 84. She spent the last two decades of her life in Senegal.
Ms. Malagodi was born on August 16, 1936, to Mita Kaplan, a Jewish actress, and Captain Antonio Iannotta. Her mother arrived in Rome from Riga in 1934 to study acting. She pursued her studies in Geneva, Paris, and London, and she became a fluent interpreter in five languages.
She married Agustin Cardenas, of Senegalese heritage but born in Cuba. They divorced after 15years and married Giovanni Malagodi, who had been president of the Italian Senate in 1988, after his wife’s death. Mr. Malagodi died three years later.
She is survived by her long-time companion Luigi Di Giamberardino (he also had Covid-19, but recovered); her sons, Andre Bouba, Timor, and Solano Cardenas; and many grandchildren.