The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Donald Sperling

The Covid Catalog remembers Donald Sperling, 85, of Sacramento

Sperling was born in Portland, Ore. They moved to Sacramento when she was 3-years-old, where he remained for his life apart from when he was in Japan Airforce. Sperling was a father to Sandra and Stephen and a husband to Janice, whom they were married for 65 years.

Sperling studied business at Sacramento City College. He later worked for the city of Sacramento as an account clerk in the treasurer’s office. Donald eventually served as the president of Sacrament Retirement Association, where after working for 34 years, he retired in 1944.

Other than his family, nothing else would separate Sperling from his golf game. He would work at night, sleep for a few hours, and play golf all day. Danny was funny in a sarcastic way.

Unfortunately, the Sperling family contracted Covid-19. However, only Sperling succumbed to it on March 22nd, 2020, at 85.