The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Deborah Elizabeth Gallagher
The Covid Catalog remembers Deborah Elizabeth Gallagher.
Deborah Elizabeth Gallagher died on April 22 from Covid-19 complications at 96. Elizabeth contracted the coronavirus in early March. Gallagher made several trips to the hospital before she died.
Gallagher was born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1923 and was one of seven children. Raised Catholic, she attended Notre Dame Academy. She married Harrold F. Gallagher, an engineer, and Naval officer, in 1944. They raised seven children. Her son Charles said that she had close relationships with older people and was strongly connected with them.
Gallagher relocated to Sacramento when he was 90, where her two sons live. She later moved into an assisted living center in Sacramento and got to work befriending other residents.
Deborah Elizabeth Gallagher is survived by her seven grandchildren, nine grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter.