The Covid Catalog remembers Dar’Yana Dyson. Dar’Yana was a 15-year-old girl with an undying love for music, dancin a dream of becoming a renowned cosmetologist. Dar’Yana was the firstborn in a family of four children that resided in Baltimore County.

Dar’Yana’s symptoms began with complaints of severe stomach pain approximately one week before her death. She also complained of loss of appetite, and she had developed some reddish rashes on the region near her armpits. She was also noted to have been wearing a patent-leather jacket inside, for she always complained of fever.

Dar’Yana, who was the oldest amongst her four siblings, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and the Kawasaki disease, a rare ailment characterized by swelling of the medium-sized arteries in the entire body.

Dar’Yana died at the age of 16 years while receiving medications at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore after advanced complications of the COVID-19.