The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Darrin Adams

The Covid Catalog Celebrates Darrin Adams, 51, of Michigan

Wayne student and custodian Darrin Adams died on April 3 due to COVID-19 complications. He was 51.

Adams pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. He was originally from Wayne, Michigan, and worked as a custodian at the Wayne State University for almost six years, as reported by the university. He also worked in Manoogian Hall while still working at WSU.

Besides his life at WSU, Adams worked with AmeriCorps Urban Safety (AMUS) program for two years. During that time, he contributed positively by boarding up more than 200 vacant houses and left his homes in Detroit to improve public safety.

Adams was committed to his education and personal development, which helped him achieve his career goals and his custodial task at WSU. He has left behind friends and family.