Submitted By Emily Muniz, niece, 16 yr old student, with permission.

The Covid Catalog Gone To Soon, Christopher J Ramirez

The Covid Catalog remembers Christopher J. Ramirez, born on September 22nd of 1976. Christopher lived an honorary and notable life full of great deeds and accomplishments. Mr. Ramirez was a compassionate individual who was always willing to take the short end of the stick if it meant lifting the spirits of those around him.

As a natural people’s-person, he worked diligently everyday to make sure that his two children would be fed and content. Mr. Ramirez continued his hard work even after developing heart disease, demonstrating his everlasting perseverance and determination to lead a good life.

However, he sadly lost his battle to the Coronavirus in June of 2020 after weeks of fighting. Nevertheless, he leaves behind a legacy of hard work and dedication that will continue to inspire future generations of his family, including his children.

Mr. Ramirez was also a loving dog-father to nearly a dozen chihuahuas. Living in Puerto Rico, he would encounter many stray dogs which he would then take in as his own. Mr. Ramirez spent an abundance of times with his dogs, and would even play the guitar for them, which he was quite skilled at.

Thankfully, his dogs have been adopted by new, loving owners who will continue to give them the best treatment and care. While his family continues to mourn his death, they remember him for his passion towards helping others, whether that be animals, co-workers, or family. May he rest in peace.