The Covid Catalog, Gone Too Soon, Artemio Ramos
The Covid Catalog remembers Artemio Ramos, 77, of Reseda.
Ramos died at 77 on April 4, 2020, at Mission Community Hospital in Panorama City. The cause was Covid-19 complications. He had been fighting pneumonia and respiratory syncytial virus since late February. He is believed to have contracted the coronavirus at Windsor Terrace Healthcare.
Artemio met his lovely wife Sylvia on the dance floor. They both loved dancing to musica nortena at the weekly bailes. Sylvia said she didn’t date him for a while, she just loved dancing, but Ramos was the only one asking her.
Artemio became a quadriplegic after falling from a tree in 2004 and had since been in a wheelchair. He worked in construction for 30 years. He was the handyman in his neighborhood. Artemio would be called when the drain was clogged, or the toilet needed plumbing. Ramos took English language classes in the evening as an adult and earned a GED and diploma in 198. He would say one can never have enough education.
Ramos is survived by his wife Sylvia, son and daughter, and six grandchildren.