The Covid Catalog Gone To Soon Anita Schiller.

The Covid Catalog celebrates Anita Schiller, who died on January 23 after testing positive for covid-19 and being hospitalized. Her son Dan said that she tested positive on January 4 but had no symptoms for like two weeks. After symptoms appeared, she was hospitalized days before she died. She died at 94.

Anita Schiller was born in New York City in 1926 and lived in San Diego since 1970. She worked at the University of California as a reference librarian, social sciences bibliographer, and data services librarian.

Schiller met her husband Herb in New York, and they married in Berlin, where he was working as an officer in occupied Germany in 1946. Herb died in 2000.

Anita is recognized for bringing to light the pay inequities for female librarians. A cause she fought tirelessly, and selflessly over decades. She is survived by two sons, Dan Schiller and Zach Schiller.